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 All my VW parts.

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PostSubject: All my VW parts.    Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:29 am

Here is a list of all the VW parts I have for sale. I can provide pics, etc.

Parts are listed in no particular order, so please read through entire ad, I may have what you need.

-Front bucket seats, out of a 77 Bug. Need work. $40/pair
-Complete doors with windows and good regulators. $50/pair
-72 Karmann Ghia rear window. $25
-Early Karmann Ghia rear window. $25
-Bug rear window, 72-up. (x2) $25each
-Bug Quarter window 65-up. (x4) $20 each
-Bug Popout quarter window glass, bare, no frames. (x2) $20 each
-Bug Passenger side door glass. (x2) $20 each
-Bug driver's side wing/vent window with frame. $20
-74-up rear bumper with brackets. $50
-74-up rear bumper, bare. $20
-74-up front bumper, bare. $30
-74-up front bumper brackets. $10
-68-73 front bumper brackets. $15
-68-73 rear bumper brackets. $15
-68-up front apron. (x2) $25 each
-68-74 rear apron. (may be aftermarket). $15
-75-up rear apron. (with single exhaust). $25
-74-up rear decklid. (green). surface rust.. $20
-72-up rear decklid. (blue). $25
-68-72 Convertible? decklid. (blue) $25
-68-73 Left front fender (blue). $25
-74-up left front fender. with lights. (green). Surface rust. $20
-74-up Right front fender with lights. (green). Surface rust. $20
-68-73 right front fender. (red). Surface rust. $20
-74-up left rear fender. (green). Surface rust. $15
-73 only left rear fender. (blue). $30
-73 only right rear fender. (blue). $30
-74-up right rear fender. (green). Surface rust. $15
-68-72 right rear fender. (red). surface rust. $20
-68-up gas tank. $30
-5 Lug rims. (x2). $20 each
-4 lug rear brake drums. (x2) $10 each.
-heater boxes. $40/pair
-oil bath air cleaner. $25
-heater Y-tube (under back seat). $5
-74-up arm rests. $10 pair
-Throttle cable tube. $2
-Driver's side door latch. $10
-Taillight housings. $5/pair
-rear view mirror. 68-up. $5
-Windshield wiper motor. 68-up. Works. $40
-Hood latch, handle, release cable. $10
-glove box door. $5
-emergency brake handle with indicator switch. $5
-fuse block with cover. (12 fuses) $5
-Decklid Hinges with spring. Off a Fuel Injected model. $15 set
-Rear Quarter window popout frame. passenger side. $2
-early fat trim. Door only. $1
-shift rod out of a 67. $5
-Sunroof headliner bows with clips. $15
-hood hinges. (2 sets). $15/set
-dome light door switches. (x4). $1 each
-Door hinge gaskets. (x3). $1 all
-rear seat lower floor area covers? See pic. (x2). $2 set
-Rear lower seat support bar. (x2). $5 each
-under hood fuel evap. canister. (x2). $10 each
-rear (under right fender) fuel evap canister. $5
-Karmann Ghia passenger side rocker panel. $25
-73-up Bug taillights. Complete. $25/pair
-windshield wiper arm. $2
-heater vents (rocker panel). $5 set
-interior grab handles. 74-up. $5 all
-67 Shifter. $15
-door windoe regulator and rails. Passenger side. $10/a;;
-speedometer cable. (x2). $10 each
-Headlight Switch with wiring. $5
-Stock horn. (x3) Off of a 70, 74, and 77. $5 each
-Under dash light. $5
-brake fluid reservoir. $5
-Steering box access covers. (x4) $1 each
-shift rod access front cover. (x2) $1 each
-dash trim with seatbelt and brake indicator lights and wiring. $10/set
-gas cap door. $5
-rear ash tray. $2
-rear window defrost switch. $5
-72-up upper quarter panel vent. $1
-turn signal/windshield wiper switch levers. $1 all
-rear seat back stops. $1 all
-under dash brackes. (x2) $1 each
-Door strikers. L+R. $5/set
-Gas Cap. (x2). $2 each
-Karmann Ghia interior quarter panel trim. $5 set
-68-73? transmission mount. $20
-74?-up transmission mount. $20
-68-73 arm rest. $2
-68-up stock shifter. $10
-shift rod coupler access plate. $5
-rear view mirror glass. Glass only. (x2). $1 each
-Sunvisor. $5
-68-up gas filler tube. $5
-side mirror. $10
-bare distributor, condition unknown. $5
-driver's side rear door panel. Brown. $5
-Ball Joint front beam. Drum to drum. $100
-bare Bug shell. Buy the beam and the car is free.

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Posts : 948
Join date : 2010-07-08
Age : 29
Location : Wilton, CA

PostSubject: Re: All my VW parts.    Sat Jun 01, 2013 12:30 am

I am looking for a few parts.

-67 Bug door handles

-doghouse fan shroud. Prefer without heat, but either way...

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All my VW parts.
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