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 Humbug and Busfest Trip

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PostSubject: Humbug and Busfest Trip   Tue Aug 13, 2013 8:10 pm

This last weekend, Aug. 9-11th. We set out on our journey to McKinleyville CA for the Humbugs VW Show. This was the farthest I have driven the bus. A little over 600 miles round trip.

Thought I'd share some pics of the trip with you all. Very Happy

For the most part I followed my hubby who was driving the 64 bus.

He did manage to get behind me once. LOL

Stopped for some lunch. We had to park out back on the street behind the Taco Bell. I think it was the only place in town to eat at. The drive threw never let up the whole time we were there. It was always about 5 cars waiting to order.

Got a little off course. Came down this dirt road.

Ok, not really, but I thought it would be fun to back up it a bit and take some pics. LOL

Found a shoe tree along the way.

We got stopped and had to wait for some road clean up. Sure was a dusty drive through that section. Then it rained a few miles up the road! Mad

Needless to say, the dust on my bus was no longer dust. LOL

Another rest stop.

Found a restroom across the street. LOL

We finally made it to McKinleyville and found a nice little RV Park to call home for the night.

That night we watched a movie.

Found an great way to lay down in bed and finish watching the movie. Very Happy

At the show.

I love my windsock and flag poles! Very Happy

Interesting 69 "Wide" bug.

After the show we decided to make our way to Antioch for Busfest. Hubby managed to get a couple pics of me and my bus. Very Happy

We made it about 30 miles away from Antioch and decided to call it a night. Hubby's 64 doesn't lock so he tied the 2 front door together on the inside then had me pull as close as I could to make it hard for someone to open the cargo doors.

At Busfest.

Thought this was different.

Kind of liked this one. Very Happy

Getting ready to leave.

Waiting for the ferry.

Bus boat! LOL

We had a great time and only had 2 little issues along the way. My hubby's bus started leaking from the rear seal and my bus lost power to the dome lights, hazards, and the power source that I ran my accessories on. I finally figured out the problem on that today. I wire fell off the fuse panel. A friend is going to come over tomorrow and help me get things tidied up on it so it won't happen again.

I look forward to our next trip, when I can get my hubby to take time off work again. That is like pulling teeth with him! LOL

Hope I didn't bore you guy's to much. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Humbug and Busfest Trip   Tue Aug 13, 2013 11:39 pm

Sounds like a great weekend!
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PostSubject: Re: Humbug and Busfest Trip   Wed Aug 14, 2013 12:01 am

It was a great weekend! I loved driving my bus and it ran great. Never missed a beat. I'm really proud of it. If it wasn't for that dumb wire falling off, it would have made it with no problems at all. That was my fault though because I was lazy and didn't zip tie it back to the air duct. After tomorrow I shouldn't have to worry about that problem arising again. Very Happy
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PostSubject: Re: Humbug and Busfest Trip   

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Humbug and Busfest Trip
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